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Weblos Meet the Troop Night

Next Tuesday is an off night for troop 265, which basically means we do not have our regular troop meeting, but we will have our normal Senior Patrol/Patrol meeting.

We have an opportunity to show our scouting spirit and show off our troop.  Next Tuesday is the Councils annual Weblo Meet the Troop night, which basically means Weblos from all over the council will gather together at the Community Covenant Church to meet all of the council’s boy scout troops.

As you are aware without the Weblos we could not function as a troop and it is a great opportunity for us to advertise ourselves to the council as well as to the Weblos and possibly recruit some new boys from around the area.

The event which is next Tuesday Sept 12, from 6pm – 8pm at the Community Covenant Church (15700 W 87th St Pkwy, Lenexa, KS).

I would like to have a good showing from our Troop.  Our Scout leadership will not be available, so what I am asking is that others from the troop please sign up and show our strength.  This is a Class A event, so everyone please come in full uniform and bring your ropes per last night’s meeting I think the consensus was to show off our knot tying skills, I will make sure we have extras so that if some of the Weblos are interested they learn from you guys.  In addition I would also like it if some adult volunteers please help out. 

Holy Spirit Fun Fair Clean-up

All there is still time to sign up for the Fun Fair Clean-up if you need the service hours.  We would like to have a good showing as a troop, so if you have available the more the merrier.

Next Friday we have the opportunity to show our strength to the church by helping them clean up after their annual Fun Fair.  It is also an opportunity for the boys to earn service hours.  The fun fair begins at 5pm and ends around 9pm next Friday Sept 8.  The church has asked us if we would be willing to come up around 8:30 and help them pick up trash, stack chairs, stack tables, help them load up the games and put the trash cans back in the cafeteria.  So we are looking for volunteers as well as adults willing to come up and help. 

First Troop Meeting of the Year, Tuesday August 15th

  • Class B Uniform
  • Discuss the upcoming year, see the attached Calendar
  1. Solar Eclipse – Aug 21st , See attached worksheet to earn an eclipse patch from the council
  2. Scouting 500 – Sept 22nd – Sept 24th, KS Speedway
  3. Troop 265 Blood Drive – Sept 25th, Holy Spirit??
  4. Fall Court of Honor/Campout – TBD
  5. Weblos Meet the Troops Night – TBD
  • Discuss Troop reorganization
    1. Conduct Patrol Elections
  • Discuss Service Award Opportunities
    1. Troop 265 Blood Drive, Sept 25th
    2. Recycle Extravaganza, Oct 14th, Black & Veatch
  • Holy Spirit Doughnut day, Third Wed of the month, All three masses
  • Review Books/rank advancement post camp with Adults/older boys

Car Wash Fundraiser for Eagle Project

Brandon a 5th year in the troop will be holding a car wash fundraiser for his Eagle Scout Project.  His project is going to be a memorial garden up at Oak Park-Carpenter for a classmate that passed away the summer between 6th and 7th grade. Before constructing can start on the garden itself, we must get proper funding. A car wash fundraiser at the AutoZone at 95th and Antioch on July 29th from 10am-3pm. Pizza will be provided to people who sign up for 2 shifts or more! Drinks will also be provided as well. Please also bring 2 old beach towels so that we can dry off the cars. Even if you can’t sign up for a shift, please try and still bring your car to get washed. Please feel free to spread the word of when and where the car wash is to your friends.

Sign-up link: 

HRB – Scout Camp Day 9

The camp is quiet. Our skit for closing night campfire was fun and totally concepted by the boys. Ask them about the “other” Troop 265 when they get home. 

Great crop of Merit Badges this year.  We had quite a few scouts finish all of their Merit Badges. We have 2 new Life Scouts, a new Tenderfoot, and 1 new Eagle Palm.

HRB – Scout Camp Day 7

The seventh day…

Mile swim this morning at 6am.

Troop 265 had 4 mile-swim entrants. More than any other troop in all of Lonestar.

Our 4 boys were 2/3 of the entrants.

  • Kiernan D.
  • James D.
  • Ben W.
  • Danny D.

all completed 22 laps of the Lonestar pool for a solid mile of swimming. The Troop is proud of them.

Merit Badges continued today. Our first years are doing lanyards, woodcarving and leather craft. The 2nd years all keep plugging away at some hard earned badges like First Aid, Lifesaving, Rifle shooting and Archery.

Lakefront scouts are sailing and boating all over the lake. 

Our Called Braves continue their work on the path to joining Mic-O-Say and one of the favorite days came when the adults who are going for Honorary Warrior spent their day in silence.

Another scorcher of a day. No heat related issues, though.

HRB – Scout Camp Day 6

The sixxxtthhh dayyyy….

Big, busy, hot day here at camp. We hit Heat Alert 1 by 915 am and Heat Alert 2 by 11am. 

The lucky ones were the scouts with the pool and lakefront Merit Badges

Our first round of Merit Badges has ended and a lot of scouts are on to new subjects. The First Years are already dreading trying to finish their 300 word essay on mammals.

Some familiar adult-leader faces showed up for Warrior Ceremony so lots of stories of past camps floated around the leader’s circle. Many of them remembered “with advantages”.

The younger scouts took the 5-mile round trip to Ico tonight. The camp is chock full of Peach Nehi, Slim Jims, and cheap “treasures” from the store in Ico. 

Warm thoughts from your favorite Troop down at Bartle.

HRB – Scout Camp Day 4

Whew! Call Night went well. All of our boys who were called as a Foxman, Brave or Warrior did great in the ceremony. 

We got started back on Merit Badges after Visitor Sunday. We had a cool outpost for some of the 13+ year olds at Up and Down Cave. Kayaking students practiced tipping and righting their kayaks. Woodcarving kept the first year Scouts busy. The second years started shooting today in Archery…

The big excitement was the size of mail call. Many of the boys got letters or packages. Several of the adult leaders did too. The boys always get a kick  out of the adults getting “love letters.”

We’ve had a couple reminders not to leave food in our tents. Some of the local mammals are quite fond of candy and aren’t too shy about rooting around camp at night to see who didn’t lock their camp box.

Camp is calm for the night. 

HRB – Scout Camp Day 1

Good evening. We just returned to camp from opening night campfire. 

Everyone is settling in nicely. All 40 boys are excited to get Merit Badges started tomorrow. None more than the older scouts who have Lakefront Merit badges. 

How to tie 10 essential Scouting knots

KNOT-TYING HAS LONG BEEN a part of the Scouting program — for good reasons. It promotes discipline and focus, and it teaches useful skills that can be used immediately. Most people can tie just one knot (the “overhand”); many Scouts know more than a dozen.  Check out these videos on how to tie the top 10 Scouting knots.

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