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2015 Camp Log

Day 1 It’s that time of year again! today we stated another spectacular year of Bartle! As of now (8:33 p.m.) there are no injuries. This may not come as a surprise to you, but just think 42 boys unsupervised for several hours.

This made for a good start for Bartle along with an exciting ride down. You may be asking yourself what made it so exciting. Well there was not just one thing that made this ride so awesome. The first reason is the luxurious and comfortable seats. The other reasons were because the ac and on top of this all the movie! We got to watch Star Wars IV. This movie luckily passed by all the time on the ride up. After this long but eventful trip we finally arrived!

After arriving we immediately took the BSA swimming test and then soon after set up shop for the night. All the boys seem to be enjoying . We will be making sure to keep you posted on Further information.

Some other scouts are saying it is extremely hot; but have seen worst in the past years. They hope for cooler weather.

Day 2 Today was the start of merit badges. But before the merit badges we had breakfast. For breakfast today we had French toast and sausage. Oh I was filled in the end. Then we set out for our merit badges. The first years are assigned merit badges, but next year they can choose them.

I did Life saving, Environmental Science Archery. Between the merit badges we have breaks of free time. During the merit badges or between them we eat lunch. Today we had an option to go to Disc golf and eat lunch there or go to the Dining Hall for lunch. And after lunch we had some free time then we went back to our merit badges.

Around 4:00 p.m. we are done with the merit badges. Which leaves us with time to do whatever like work on our merit badge requirements. Next we lowered the flag and went to dinner. For dinner we had Turkey, mash potatoes, peas, rolls and gravy, they’re wasn’t much left overs. After dinner we went back to camp for our campfire. All the patrols prepared a skit for the campfire.

After the skits the fifth years prepared a song. They had a nice smooth beat. (check out the video clip) For the finale Mr. Goyer tells a story. The stories usually bring tension but end in a dud. That is pretty much it for day 2.

P.S. Mr. Satterfield tells me to say the adults are Awesome!!!

Blaze Third year camper.

From Scout Master Roth

First years are having fun with their merit badges. They have been swimming, working on wood carving reliefs, wood chips flying everywhere.  Making leather neckerchiefs slides with designs on them. Also working on Mammals and Geology merit badges. The first years also played a round of disc golf. Mail call is giving daily. The young men really appreciate those letters and packages.

Day 7 We have had a lot of great things going on at Boy Scout Camp so far.

First I would like to congratulate 11 new Foxman, 9 called Braves, 2 Warriors, 2 Fire Builders, and 5 called Honorary Warriors: who are adult leaders in our troop.

Next time you see these young men and adults, make sure to congratulate them on a job well done.

The first years are working on a new set of merit badges, Nature and Mammal study. and they are finishing up swimming merit badge.

Also 2 new first years finished their requirements for Second Class Scout.

Tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. we have 4 scouts going for the mile swim. We will keep you posted on the results tomorrow morning.

Others thing going on at camp: I have never seen so many pocket knives at scout camp. They are using them well on the neckerchiefs slides and the older scouts are learning to throw them into the floor board of their wooden platform in their tents and sticking them into the wood. Only one small accident so far.

M. Crank a third year camper has done great at the rifle range earning his rifle merit badge. His grouping of shots (5 shots in a group) where dime size in the bull eyes.

We also had a scout I. Rodriguez at the shot gun range hitting 46 out of 50 clay pigeons. And this is his first time shooting a shot gun. He had a blast.

Also the 14 years and older scouts went on an out post called the Cowboy slinger. Here are the bullet points of what they did.

  • they were able to shoot pistols
  • lever action rifles
  • targets were apple juice cans
  • metal spinning targets

Our new air conditioners in the tents are working well and are holding at a steady 77 degrees.

The Icomuim hike last night was a huge success. Witnesses reported that one of our new leaders  Mr. Hiserote, may have step on a copperhead snake tail as it was crossing the path on the Icomuim 5 mile hike. He was not hurt. The snake got lucky this time.

But on a serious note,  I would like to personally Thank all of the parents and the adult leaders who help out and participate in our troop. We couldn’t do it with out you.

Last but not least. M, Andrews took his campfire song Wagon Wheel performance to the Mess Hall in front of 620 people for the talent show. And yes he came in First place. Way to go!!!

Until next time

Camp Scoutmaster Roth

Day 8 Its 5:30 a.m. 68 degrees outside 4 campers went to the swimming pool for mile swim. As they get up to the pool their is a cloud of fog hovering over the pool. The boys jump in the pool and say” the water is warm”.

The boys started swimming 22 laps around the pool. I would like to congratulate these 4 scouts. They are:

  • Noland
  • Mason
  • Johnny
  • Blake

Awesome Job Guys!!!

Camp Scoutmaster Roth

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