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2014 Camp Log

Update 1 – Today was the first day of camp. Everyone made it to drop off on time. The ride was a bit long with no movie, but we made it. Once we got the gear out of the bus and into the tents, we went straight to the pool to take the swim test. Most everyone finished. Right now we are unloaded and done for the day. Another year at summer camp begins.

Mr. Goyer’s “Deep Thoughts”

  • 1 Day of Camp, 2 band aids, no Health Lodge visits
  • 6 happy adults sleeping in the cabin happy that Mr. Goyer brought his C-Pap machine to camp
  • 4 Disc Golf baskets, all being used
  • 33 ½ scouts staying up to midnight, 33 ½ scouts having a hard time with the 7 am wake up call
  • One young Mr. Crow putting a scare in the adults by falling asleep on the floor of a tent that was not his, found him
  • All boys signed up for Lakefront merit badges disappointed that classes did not come the way they wanted; boys are going anyway to “force the issue”. Are the classes REALLY closed? We think not.

All in all, we are off to a great start at camp. We did get rain last night, but nothing severe. The rain helped cool down camp. Stay tuned for more updates along the way.

Update 2 – Today everyone settled in and started our merit badges. We had a troop swim at 10:30, and everyone had fun. The day went fast. We also had downtime. Whether we were reading a book or throwing a Frisbee, downtime was relaxing. Tonight we have the campfire and skits, it should be fun. And all the fun won’t just end here. We still have 8 days left.

We had our in camp campfire last night, filled with skits and bad jokes. In this picture from the “Bacon Patrol’s” skit, the “Invisible Bench”. The punch line is that a boy walked up, said he had moved the bench, and all the boys fell.2014-InvisibleBench

Yesterday we had our first mail call. Lot’s of boys received letters yesterday, keep them coming.

Observations from camp so far:

  • All the boys are actively taking merit badges and actually working on them. Fall Court of Honor should have lots of advancements.
  • Day 3, no trips to the Health Lodge…everyone knock on wood
  • Some young men have expressed minor feelings of wanting to be home, but we have had ZERO tears at camp, boys are having a great time
  • Number of new slushy addicts added to the troop roster this year, 13
    • Suggested “rehab” for out of control slushy habits…Get them a V-8
  • Average “sleeping hour” last night, 10:30 pm, down an hour from the previous night

Update 3 – Today started like all the others with the flag then breakfast. Then everyone went off to merit badges while the people becoming Brave and Warrior were put on silence and had to go to work. During that time we learned that there was a record set for the most showers taken by a first year. The grand total was two whole showers. After that was lunch. Then was more merit badges and hard work. After that we were free to go to troop swim or exploring. Then we got to lower the flag that was in the middle of camp which was awesome. Next was dinner and helping first years with advancement. That concludes Day 5.

  • Days with no Health Lodge visits: 1 day
  • Boys that decided to sleep outside last night on their cots: 14
  • Current bug bites: 20,000
  • Confirmed poison ivy, oak, sumac cases: 0
  • Slushy count, they haven’t invented a number for it.

Update 4 -Today was basically the same as other days. Merit badges, flag, eat. Tonight the Warriors had their ceremony. Also, tonight some people went to Iconium. Nobody got hurt, luckily. Anyway, tonight was fun.

Thank you parents for coming down yesterday to camp. All of the boys enjoyed having you around for the picnic and I’m sure a few were a appreciative of securing some additional cash for their slushie addictions.

Stats for the day:

  • 13 pizzas for dinner last night consumed in about 2 minutes by the boys
  • Slushie mix is being imported from Russia due to high consumption at camp
  • Many, many merit badges earned
  • 3 boys completed Mile Swim this morning:
    • Eagleman
    • Timiney
    • Snyder
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