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2013 Camp Log

Our scribe, Ben, has started a summer camp log during our time at camp.
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Day 1 — 7/18/13

We arrived today early and waited for what seemed like hours, but quickly turned for the better.  After check in and the swim test, we played all kinds of games, constructed a disc golf course at our campsite with trees as baskets (11 holes this year – with help from Fred Smith, our local disc golf pro).  We played many disc golf games.  I think the first years enjoyed the skits put on by the staff at the opening night campfire program.

Supplement by Cooper:  Staff changed the time they would let buses into camp so we waited for an extra hour.  Check in went smoothly and then we spent a couple of hours organizing our camp and settling in to our tents.  Slushies were flowing freely (I think five was the most any boy managed to get before we cut them off).  Tacos for dinner received mixed reviews.  We had one adult and one youth that weren’t feeling when it came time to head to campfire but they both rallied by the time Taps was played at 10.  Most shocking event of the day – the first year boys were all in the bunks ready to go to sleep before they played taps – this is a rare occasion.  In fact, I don’t know that I’ve ever seen this happen before on the first night.  We have high hopes for these 13 young men!

Day 2 — 7/19/13

Today was the first day of merit badges.  The first years got a lot done at scoutcraft, sadly not one of my favorites but useful.  Second years started a favorite – Archery.  Many third years participated in small boat sailing and fourth years Kayaking.  The older scouts had the opportunity to go on outpost to the new BMX track and race bicycles.  (Mr. Horsley and Mr. Crank were the adult leaders for this outpost and they both braved the course as well)  The day was finished off with a troop campsite campfire where each patrol presented a skit.  (We had a huge fire and the second years were voted the best skit – they received slushies as their prize).

Quote of the day:  I forgot to get under my sheet when I went to bed and woke up in the middle of the night cuz I was cold – Micah S

Micah received much grumbling from the adults as the overnight temp seemed to stay around the 80 degree mark.

Additional comments from Cooper:  Day 2 was a good day – no injuries or illnesses.  Meatball sandwiches for lunch and pork with mashed potatoes for dinner.  There are very basic salad bars available every day for lunch and dinner and many of our adults and boys take advantage of this.  The thermometer at the pool read 100 degrees in the shade but all the boys stayed hydrated and the pool/lake helped them stay cool.  We had 7 first year scouts sign up for the mile swim.  At the 1:00pm swim practice, they had to swim 6 laps around the pool for their first practice and they all did great!  I swam with them and can tell you that I was pretty tired so this is a very big accomplishment.  Hopefully they’ll all make it the whole mile on day 7 when we swim at 6:00am.  They will have to swim 23 laps without stopping.  If you’ve never tried this, it is a very difficult thing to do so I’m very proud of these boys for trying!

Day 3 — 7/20/13

All merit badges for each patrol progressed well today.  The highlight besides the pasta substitute (for lunch) was our own Mr. Goyer (aka Belly Bird Man) bringing home victory in the belly flop competition after lunch.  His costume involved a well decorated shower curtain cape held together by a flamingo clip.  On my own accord with a few other scouts, we took a hike to neighboring camp Sawmill to see some of their attractions and amenities.  While hiking, I, myself  (the “responsible” troop scribesman) lost my coveted slushie mug.  Certain any Sawmillian would keep it for themselves or any other untrustworthy things, I was surprised to find it generously donated back to me – only to be reminded that whether Sawmillian or Lone Starite, A Scout is Trustworthy.

Story of the day:  An unnamed adult was talking with several other leaders expressing his pleasure that the boys have been so well behaved and very responsible.  A fourth year camper who happens to be his SON approaches him and asks if his tongue is bleeding.  Dad asks if he bit his tongue and the scout replies, “No, I stuck it in my fan to see what would happen.”  Dad bows head in shame…

Cooper supplement:  It was another scorcher today but all boys had a good time and got a lot accomplished on their merit badges.  Lunch was actually pretty decent although the boys are convinced the pasta was not homemade (shocking, I know).  Dinner was a hot dog picnic.  With the exception of one minor injury and a storm that just missed us causing postponement of the wilderness survival boys sleeping in a self built shelter, it was another great day at Bartle.

Day 4 — 7/21/13

Visitor’s day was a success, everyone had a great time.  There was a delicious picnic and a great call night.

Cooper supplement:  For the first time in memory, our troop had a picnic in camp and it was a huge success.  Thanks to everyone that joined us for the meal and fellowship.  Congratulations to Matthew Vohs for reaching the rank of Eagle at his Board of Review today!  His is the 100th Eagle Scout from Troop 265 in the 25 years we’ve been around.  This is a huge accomplishment!  After all the parents left camp, we had pizzas brought in for dinner then enjoyed a fantastic “call night”.  Our troop had 5 foxmen and 8 braves called out followed by a Mic O Say lesson for the first years put on by a couple of staff Sachem’s.  Tomorrow we’re looking forward to getting back to our merit badge classes!

Day 5 — 7/22/13

Today each of our called braves of the Tribe of Mic O Say worked hard revitalizing the camp while on silence.  Our first years were led on a small orienteering course by a few of our third years and the 2nd years made progress on their lifesaving merit badge.  The other patrols worked on advancing in their merit badge classes as much as possible while performing their tribal requirements.

We started the day VERY early with a large thunderstorm cell building to our west.  By 5am the adults were closing up tent flaps while watching the lightning show in the distance.  We only caught the edge of the storm and got rain for a few minutes.  Many of the boys were up watching with us so it made for a long day for them.  Today was the day that the first years had to do clothes inflation in their swimming merit badge class.  They all did great.  The first and second years got to go to a lunchtime outpost where they shot black powder rifles.  This is a really cool outpost that also taught them to start a fire with flint and steel.  First years also worked on their baskets for basketry merit badge.  In the evening the boys worked on the “weapons” and armor for the campsite gladiator competition tomorrow morning.  They had a blast testing out everything they made.  They were only allowed to use cardboard and duct tape but there were some really impressive items built.  Check back tomorrow for the results.  Tomorrow the boys start their second half of merit badge classes and a few new classes as well.  The older scouts worked on repainting our troop rock – it’s looking pretty good.  No injuries today so all in all, a great day!

Day 6 — 7/23/13

Our braves were released happily off their silence today, the foxmen have been exploring all over camp to find reasonable meditating spots and both are grateful they have nearly completed their duties.  I cannot say as much for our warriors for their activities are secret.  And the younger scouts had a blast at their first 5 mile hike to famous Iconium to get legendary peach nehi.  We also constructed a cardboard and duct tape armor and weapons for a staff member to fight in a gladiator Battle Royale.  Campsite Kickapoo only made… THE FINALS!!!  But sadly lost in a close 2 out of 3 battle.  Today has been the most tiring day at camp yet in my opinion.

Cooper supplement:  We’ve made it past the half way point and so far this year ranks up there as one of the best camp sessions in memory – the weather has been tolerable as has the boys’ behavior.  Today began the second round of merit badge classes (some are full session classes, others are half session – 3 day – sessions).  The called braves returned from their night out for Mic O Say and were taken off silence at 7am.  Boy were they happy to be able to talk again.  The leaders were all sad, though, because our campsite was much quieter.  The gladiator competition at breakfast was a huge hit and we narrowly missed another victory.  Our “armor” was more like a cardboard bikini which provided many smiles in the dining hall – except from our staff representative that had to wear it.  The evening activities included a troop hike to Iconium which is a requirement for rank advancment for the first years.  While part of the troop went on the hike, the warriors in the tribe of Mic O Say attended the warrior ceremony where we had 4 scouts that successfully graduated from Braves to Warrior in the tribe.  This is a great accomplishment that they will carry with them always.  Congratulations to Matthew V., Danny M., Sam C., and Eric K.!

Day 7 — 7/24/13

Today all boating merit badges had to capsize and I can say personally it was a pain.  Braves were called to do some super secret Mic O Say.  Nine (9) of our first years participated in the mile swim and all finished!  Our homemade frisbee golf course has a top score of my own at (-2).  We had an outpost tonight called Turkey Wing Gun Club and it was a good time but the dinner was suspiciously tasty.

Supplement by Cooper:  I think the adults are having just as much fun as the kids at camp this year.  There is an abundance of laughter thanks to the shenanigans of a few funny fellows – primarily our campmaster, Mr. Satterfield.  He is quick with the wit and loves to cause trouble.  Speaking of which, Mrs. Kaufhold might’ve received a call from Mr. Satterfield asking where Mr. Kaufhold was and falsely accusing him of sneaking into Clinton to the Applebee’s and not returning until the middle of the night.  Welcome to the troop Kaufholds…

At breakfast we had two leaders called out to be honorary warriors – Mr. Vera and Mr. Kaufhold.  They spent the day in silent service and learned about the tribe of Mic O Say.  There were some other activities that you get to learn about when you join the tribe.  We’re very excited to have these men join us in Mic O Say.

I just wanted to again share how impressed I am with the first years that completed the mile swim.  These boys went on a 5 mile hike last night then were up at the pool by 6am to swim a mile.  Quite a feat for these young men.  One of the boys even started the week as a novice swimmer and through sheer determination swam for over an hour and a half without stopping.  We are still all in awe that he was able to finish.  There were a total of 18 participants in the mile swim and our troop made up half of them.

Only 2 full days left so we’re going to try and cram as much fun and advancement into those days as possible.

Day 8 — 7/25/13

Today was the last day for regular merit badge classes (tomorrow is make up day).  At the disc golf outpost (different from the campsite tournament course), Kavan C. took the win followed by myself then Max Milligan.  The campsite tournament will be held tomorrow between the top 4 score holders from the camp session.  Currently, those scouts are:

1.  Ben S. 31 (-2)

2. Max M. 32 (-1)

3. Kavan C. 33 (E)

4. Griffin G. 36 (+3)

The annual King Lonestar competition was held in the dining hall today and was WON by our own first year, Jimmy C.!!!

The called braves made it through their ceremony and are now members of the tribe of Mic O Say.  They celebrated with a late night feast while all non-tribesmen remained in their tents.

Much fun was had as the session nears its end.

Supplement by Cooper:  It’s hard to believe that this camp session is nearly over.  We’ve had a fantastic time with much being accomplished.  Today we started working on our campsite conservation project and will finish it up tomorrow.  The highlight so far was the brave ceremony held this night where 8 of our troop’s fine young men were inducted into the tribe of Mic O Say.  There was a large contingent of past and present Mic O Say warriors from our troop there tonight including several warriors (hard way and honorary), a fire builder, 2 tom tom beaters, a runner, and a keeper of the sacred bundle.  Our troop is continuing to develop into one of the larger and stronger units in our council with much better leader participation.  Thanks to all who took the time to support our scouts!

Day 9 — 7/26/13

The final day of merit badges also known as make up day is finished.  Also, the last full day of camp.  I’ll get this off my chest – *sigh* – we were all disappointed as we could not finish the disc golf playoff championship before we had to leave for the closing campfire ceremony.  All called foxmen are now foxmen and called braves are now braves and called warriors are warriors.  We had a great time together and despite the little negatives, the positives made us have a great time at camp.  Voted by the scouts, the favorite merit badge at camp swimming and the favorite counselor was Adric Twildo (send him praise – he was really a dedicated leader).

Favorite meal: Fried chicken and tater tots

Favorite song: the rooster song

Favorite thing to do: disc golf!!! or troop swim, whatever

Cooper supplement: Sorry for the delay in posting the update on the final full day at camp.  We had a very busy day and getting everyone loaded up and back to KC on Saturday took a bit longer than planned.  I’d like to send out a great big thank you to Ben S. for his entertaining daily updates each day at camp.  This took away from his time with his friends but he did a great job!  On the 9th day of camp we had several boys finishing up their 1 hour service project and many rank advancements being completed.  Any merit badges that were not completed were dealt with and new Mic O Say braves and warriors worked on their new tribal attire.  Overall, another great day except for lunch – it may have been the worst excuse for pasta I’ve ever had.  Closing night campfire was a compilation of skits put on by each campsite.  Parker M. did fantastic at planning an putting on the “candy shop” skit for our troop.   Another troop came up with a very original and quite funny “most interesting scout in the world” skit that mocked several major events at camp.  It was by far one of the best skits I’ve ever seen.  At that same campfire, they awarded Mic O Say paint elevations and we had 4 young men awarded the responsibility of fire builder in the tribe.  Congratulations to Beckett, Parker, Brendon, and Ethan.  After the campfire, we returned to camp and many of the troop pulled their cots out of their tents to sleep out under the stars.  This was a big step for many of the first years that are still getting comfortable with camping!  They were a treat to watch embrace this time with nature and to strengthen their bond with their fellow scouts.  Tomorrow we rise at 6am to pack up and will head home after breakfast.  These days at camp flew by and part of me wants to stay longer but I can’t wait to get home to a comfortable bed, good food and a full night’s sleep.

I hope all the boys enjoyed camp as much as us leaders did.  I’m looking forward to next year already…

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