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So you were asked to bring the food for your Patrol and you aren't sure what to bring. Check out some guidelines and recipes under our resources section.

76th Annual Troop 265 Snow Creek Night Ski


 We will be meeting at the Holy Spirit parking lot at 5PM on Saturday February 28th, and skiing into the wee hours, until Midnight.

The Skinny:  This is one of the boys (and parents) favorite events of the year.  Upon arrival, your son(s) will whisk down the mountain on a variety of hills with different skill levels, and test his bravery at an accelerated rate.  Throughout the night, he will no doubt, take a breather for hot chocolate and snacks, to regale his companions with tales of adventure and bravado.

Pricing: Please bring cash or check to the event.

$43 for ski lift pass and ski rental UNDER 13

$47 for ski lift and pass and ski rental 13 and OVER

$24 for just ski lift pass (and you bring your own ski’s)

Please bring your own helmet, or you will be charged $10


Ski pants, extra gloves, helmet, first aid kit…

Event Coolness Scale:

Dressing up and going to your sisters piano recital (with lame snacks) =4

Having to say “I love you” to your Mom in front of your posse at your soccer game = 1

Having a juice drinking contest and almost making it to the restroom before class = -3.7

Careening down the mountain with 4 feet of sweet air under you, over a frozen crevasse –

AND doing it IN THE DARK!!!! =9.6

Food: Please pack lots of snacks, and/or lots of money for the snack bar!


Free admission to be paid later for BEST Dad Wipeout!  Mr. Bartoski is the 2015 top seed.  I will be attending, but not skiing, as I am preparing for the Sam Adams Marathon, Boulevard Brewery Tank 7 Tasting Olympics and Crossfit Nationals

Please email me if your son will be attending, as well as any adults who care to join us, and help shuttle parents to the Platte City Hospital.

Summer camp fees

Summer camp fees for Bartle 2015 are $330 for scouts, $310 for full time leaders and $50 per day for part-time leaders.
• The fist payment of $100 for the boys is due by January 31st.
• The second payment of $100 for the boys is due by February 28th.
• The balance of $130 for the boys is due by March 31st.
• All adult fees are due by March 31st.

KC ZOO Polar Bear Camp “In”

“You don’t need to be faster than the polar bear.  Just faster than your buddy”

Saturday January 9th:
6PM  Leave Izzys

7P     Private Polar Bear Overnight in the Polar Bear Passage with (weather permitting) a night hike and

Animal  Encounter with a trainer .  What does it take to survive in the Arctic? Just ask Nikita and

Berlin! Spend the night with them to find out what hardships they face as well as us if we would

ever venture to the snowy north.


Sunday January 10th:

8AM Continental breakfast

8:15-9:00 “Journey to Survival” School Group Classroom at the Zoo.  Discover various reasons for animal

endangerment around the world.
9:30-10:30 Tour of Australia Group Guided Tour
10:30- Noon  Run around aimlessly, then head home


What To Bring: sleeping bag, pillow, blankets, camera, flashlight (one carry-on”), outdoor clothes and  CLASS A UNIFORM


NOTE:  This is a lock-In, so all participants should plan on staying at least until 8AM


COST  = $42

 Wouldn’t it be cool if:

 We  developed a greater understanding of the fragility of God’s creatures, our role in their survival, and ours, in the delicate ecosystem?                                                                                                                                                                                                               

  1. We got to spend time with our scout peeps in a private tour of the zoo, and camped out with polar bears? Seriously!
  2. We had the zoo all to ourselves, and learned a ton about nature, from professional animal handlers?  OMG!
  3. I Didn’t have to go to see my sister’s lame holiday recital, cause we were at a camp out?  Sweet!
  4. If one of the polar bears ate a penguin  right in front of us, and there was blood and guts and everything?  No mas penguaho!


New Eagle Scout in Troop 265

Congratulations to Scout E. Phelps, who reached the rank of Eagle Scout when he successfully completed his Eagle Board of Review on November 20. Great job, Blake! Thanks to everyone who helped on his path to becoming an Eagle Scout.

Troop Service Project – Required


I have told the boys and the adults who have attended meetings several times already, but I wanted to send out a reminder of our Service Project we do for Holy Spirit Church.

Holy Spirit does a great deal to support our troop in both giving us a place to have our meetings and store our gear in addition to the huge support we get from the parish community and staff. We have always tried to give back to the church in some way. Last year we started, and this year we are going to continue, to provide our services to help clean up after their major fund raiser – Gala.

This activity will occur this Sunday, December 7th. We are going to meet on the East side of the building by the Gym at 8:30 am. We will be taking attendance and I will need to know if your son will not be there. It is very important we have as much scout, adult, family help as we can get as this is a huge task. If we get plenty of help it will go quickly. Should take a couple of hours. We will be bringing some donuts for those who stay to the end.

Additionally, Boys working on rank advancements for 1st Class, Star, or Life need service hours. This would fulfill some of that requirement.

See you there!

Mr. Vohs

Winter Camping Prep

So the weather looks to be cold for the camp out this weekend (maybe even some snow).  That doesn’t mean your scout needs to be.  If the are prepared and properly dressed, they will stay warm and have a great time.

I have seen boys come on cold weather camp outs before with the only outerwear being a hoodie and their only footwear being a single pair of tennis shoes.  You wouldn’t send your kids out to play in the snow or shovel the driveway unprepared, so even though I had a long talk with the troop at the meeting yesterday, please check to make sure they have everything.  The older boys are the ones you need to check the most!  They seem to think they are invincible and the parents attending the campout don’t want to be there when they realize they are not.

The following items are mandatory:

  • Winter Coat
  • Jacket or Hoodie
  • Wool/Heavy Socks (several pairs)
  • Boots
  • Rain Gear
  • Stocking Hat (to sleep in if not during the day as well)
  • Gloves
  • Long underwear (tops/bottoms)
  • Long Pants (you laugh, but we have had boys wear shorts)
  • Layers, Layers, Layers (avoid cotton if you can)
  • Sleeping Bag (rated for 20 deg. or bring extra blankets)
  • Sleeping Pad ($9 at Walmart will work just fine.

Additionally, for those going deeper in the cave (optional), they will be required to have a separate set of clothes and shoes so as to not contaminate the fragile environment)

If you are helping your son buy food for his patrol, please refer to the earlier post on the website for guidelines

Steve Vohs

Scoutmaster – Troop 265



2015 Dues

It is time to start collecting dues for the 2014-2015 scout year and to begin collecting for Bartle fees summer 2015 camp.

Dues for the year will be $100 per boy this year. The $100 includes the $24 national fee for participating in scouting. The rest of the money goes towards paying for merit badges and other awards, purchasing camping supplies and other miscellaneous fees that come up throughout the year. If you wan to continue to receive Boy’s Life, dues will be $110. Please make dues payments by the meeting on Tuesday, December 16th.

Camp fees for 2015 to attend Bartle will again be $330 per boy. We would like to collect these fees as follows: $100 by January 30th, $100 by February 28th, and the balance of $130 by March 31st. If you are in need of financial assistance for camp, please let Mr. Vohs know.  Full time adults will pay $310 and part-time adults will pay $50 per day. Adult fess must be paid in full by March 31.

Troop Meeting on Nov. 11

Tonight is a regular Troop Meeting. ****This is a change from the normal calendar that showed it as a PLC meeting.**** We will be spending most of our time planning for the campout this weekend. Class A uniform is the dress for this evening. Meeting will be at 7:30 in St. Elizabeth hall at Holy Spirit. There will be a short PLC meeting after the Troop Meeting.