If you are at all interested in being a Den Chief this year and have not had training, I highly recommend the training below. You can not be a den chief unless you are trained. Den Chief is a leadership position. Please let me know if you plan on attending as they will be looking for my approval for you to attend. Mr. Vohs

How well can you use a paddle and navigate a river in a canoe? Take this quiz and test your canoeing skills.

So you were asked to bring the food for your Patrol and you aren't sure what to bring. Check out some guidelines and recipes under our resources section.

Summer Camp 2015

Mr. Roth and Mr. Satterfield had good luck in last night’s camp draw. For at least the 4th year in a row, Troop 265 will be camping in Camp Lone Star at Campsite Kickapoo. We also heard that the leader’s cabin will be around for one more year, book it while you can.

Camp dates for 2015 are:
Thursday, July 16 – Saturday, July 25th (5th session).


Smallin Civil War Cave Spelunk-O-Rama

What: Smallin Civil War Cave (Ozark, MO).  Privately owned and operated by an Eagle Scout, this natural wonder was home   to Osage Indians, and it is likely that members of the Cherokee tribe also lived here. There is much that could be learned about native Americans from an archaeological dig and further study. Smallin Cave is teaming with life, much of it is unusual and endangered. Blind cave salamanders and bristly cave crayfish live here. Studies on our blind cave crayfish have been held here since 1898.

A recent discovery at Smallin Cave in Ozark could change what scientists know about life in the ancient oceans that once covered this part of the planet. The discovery of an extinct shark’s spine fossilized in the limestone of the cave has caught the surprise and interest of scientists. Also recently discovered was the tooth of an American mastodon dating back to the ice age. Mastodons were similar to the modern day elephant. They stood 8 to 10 feet tall, weighed 4 to 6 tons, were covered in hair, and had a long trunk and large curved tusks. Fossilized remains of this ice age mammal are a remarkable find anywhere in the world.

Smallin Cave is known for its beautifully presented collection of fossils preserved in the Burlington layer of limestone. The cave’s unique formation has allowed for preservation of aquatic animals and loose fossils and bones to become trapped in an ancient stream bed. They are currently working to uncover more ancient fossils in Smallin Cave. Check it out at www.smallincave.com

 When: Friday, November 14 -Sunday Nov 16

We will meet at Holy Spirit on Friday at 5:00, and depart promptly at 5:15, arriving at the cave site in Ozark, MO around 8:30, for a late evening set up.

On Saturday, we will perform a 2 two hour service project excavating the cave site, then taking the “wild” tour, inside the caverns.

As a special treat, we have lunch at Lamberts Restaurant, home of the “Throwed Rolls”.

We will depart after a cold breakfast, arriving back in OP around Noon on Sunday

Equipment: Be prepared for cold weather!!  To enter the cave, you will need a CLEAN set of clothes (to not contaminate the fragile environment), as well as a pair of lace up shoes or boots with thick socks.   You will probably get wet, so bring extra clothes! Cave helmets will be provided.

 Cost: Please bring $30 per child as well as adult.  A check (or cash) to Troop 265 for the cave folks, $10 for Saturday lunch at Lamberts, and $10 for gas money for your driver ($50 total).  You will also need patrol food money for a Friday night road snack, Saturday hot breakfast, Saturday dinner and a cold breakfast on Sunday.

Note:  As many of the boys will want to come, we will need lots of extra drivers to accompany us. 

Cool Factoid:  As the cave owner is an Eagle scout, he only lets scouts and trained geologists into the rear areas of the cave – because he knows that we will respect the pristine and fragile nature of its environment.

Danger Level: 1-5 ( 5 being the highest):
Cave =1
Your son walking around the neighborhood with his peeps= 3
Telling your big sister that her bottom is big = 7.16
Running with scissors = 4.7

Fall Court of Honor

Please join us for the Fall Court of Honor to be held on Saturday October 4th at 6PM at the Longview Lake Primitive Youth Campgrounds (see map). A special dessert will be served at the conclusion of the ceremony.

This is an exciting time to observe the progress of our young men as they receive emblems of their rank advancements and merit badge achievements. It is an important ceremony for both scout and parent participation.

We also wish to foster our connection with troop alumni and former leaders – so please do join us for this troop event if you can.

Mic-O-Say or Class A attire is suitable (if applicable).

The Troop truly hopes to see you there!

New Eagle Scout

eaglePlease join us in congratulating Nick R on becoming an Eagle Scout! Nick successfully completed his Eagle Board of Review on Thursday. Thanks to the family members, friends, leaders, and Scouts who helped Nick as he worked to reach this milestone.

If you have any questions about the path to Eagle, please don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Belshe and check out our Path to Eagle section under the resources.

Meeting Tuesday at 7:30

Tuesday night we have a Scout Meeting at St. Elizabeth Hall at Holy Spirit at 7:30.  This will be a Merit Badge Meeting.  We plan on starting 3 new merit badges: Cooking, Citizenship in the Nation, and Citizenship in the Community (a good one for first years).  Class B uniform is appropriate.

Campout Follow Up

For those who did not attend the campout this weekend, you missed a great time.  The colder weather didn’t slow the boys down a bit and we made a lot of progress working in patrols.   A special thanks to the Young family for letting us stay on their property.  It was an excellent location that we will hopefully be able to use again in the future.

We do have at least 1 lost item.  If you had your gear in the Roth’s car, please check to make sure you don’t have an extra bag, maroon in color, that contains a tent.  If so, please bring it to the meeting on Tuesday.

If you took gear home to clean, please bring it back (clean) to the meeting.


Our High Adventure Chairman, Mr. Kaufhold, got us a tentative slot to go to Philmont High Adventure Base next summer.  We need to see who is interested ASAP so we can secure the slot.  To be eligible, you must be 14 or graduated the 8th grade and at least a Star Scout before we leave.   The date of our slot is June 20-July 2, 22015 with a travel day on each end.

Philmont is an excellent opportunity to really test your scouting skills as spend 10 days backpacking in the mountains of Northern New Mexico.  A link to their website is below:


We have space for 8 boys and 4 adults.  We have several who have shown interest so far.

A few notes:

–          Estimated cost $1100 per person + gear

–          Lots of gear can be borrowed from older scouts

–          Adults keep in mind phones don’t work well on the trail, so there is no chance attend and work like at summer camp

If there are question, feel free to talk with Mr. Kaufhold or Mr. Vohs.

Pack 3269 Cub Scout Roundup

Pack 3269 (Oak Park-Carpenter) has invited us to attend their first pack meeting for the year tomorrow night, Tuesday, August 26th. They are having a fishing derby at Shelter #3 at Shawnee Mission Park starting at 6:30 pm. We will attend the meeting, help out and make cobbler for everyone. If you are interested in attending (this does conflict with tomorrow night’s troop meeting), please let Mr. Goyer know. There is space for 2 more people.  This is a “class A” event, please wear your full uniform (neckerchief included) if you plan to attend.

First Troop Meeting!!

I am looking forward to next Tuesday for our first Fall scout meeting and I hope you and your scouts are as well.  The focus will be on completing advancement requirements, unfinished merit badges and Scoutmaster conferences/Boards of Review.

Please have your scout bring their handbook!  This is especially important since several boys have not reported their latest advancements to Mr. Cooper (requires showing him the signed-off handbook). And this is an opportunity to finish anything left undone at camp!  We only have about a month before the Fall Court of Honor so it is important to finish what’s already started.

Scout ParentsWe need your help in supporting our scouts.  If you can help, our troop is looking to replenish merit badge counselors who “retire” each year.  The next training session is at the Red Tailed Hawk Roundtable on Thursday Sept 4th at Olathe Community of Christ Church (15520 S Ridgeview Rd, Olathe, KS 66062).  We recommend you sign up for 6 badges that you are comfortable teaching  including 3 Eagle required badges that we always need help with.  Please ask me on Tuesday if you are interested!

I am also looking for someone who can pick up the Membership position as I need to retire from this role.  Send me note or give me a call if you are interested in this fun and relatively low commitment position!