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2015 Canoe Adventure

2015 Canoe Adventure
June 5,6 &7
Big Elk Floats
5029 N. Bus. HWY 71 Pineville, MO


Water Warriors,

The BIG camping event of the year is right around the river becanoend.  The Big Elk is a new venue for us, and promises to be relatively devoid of floating Jell-o shots and the fun folks who enjoy them.  It is only 3.5 hours away,  and purports to have  a large shaded gravel beach, hot showers, and a family friendly experience. MmmmHmmm…


Friday June 5th:

                8AM Older boys (Star rank or above) leave for Big Elk (assuming we have a trailer driver and plenty of adults…)  They will set up camp for entire troop, and float on the second half of the day

                4PM Younger boys depart from HS

Saturday June 6th:

                Float, eat, sunburn & bug bites and tall tales of whitewater adventure – scouts

                Crying, screaming, phoning home, anxiety and night terrors-adults

Sunday June 7th
Leave early, back to Kansas City

$5 payable to your driver
$22 for camping fees and canoe rental, which includes canoe, paddle and PFD
$?? Patrol food, payable to your patrol Food Dude


We will need a very active adult contingent, as we will be far from home, need vehicular space, and a  lot of adult supervision on the water.

** Those who do not have Swimming Merit Badge, need to pass the Troop 265 swim test, at the Wheeler estate, Date TBA.

In the next few weeks, we will be sending a more complete agenda, supply and directional guidance,

Should you have any questions, please call me 24/7

Coolness Scale:

Finding out in SIXTH hour, that you’ve had a booger in your nose since FIRST hour = -3.6
Being woken up and called to answer an algebra question…  on the board.  = 3.1
Drinking 23 slushies in one day at camp, WITHOUT barfing =6.9
Waking up and finding out it’s a SNOW DAY = 7.7
Shooting the white water rapids at ludicrous speed, in front of your peeps =9.97

Spring Court of Honor

courtofhonor-300x196Troop 265 Scout Families, Scout Leaders and Troop Alumni:

You are cordially invited to Boy Scout Troop 265 Spring Court of Honor on May 5th at 7:30 PM.

Please join us in St. Elizabeth Hall at Holy Spirit Catholic Church a week from Tuesday to celebrate our troop’s achievements!

Scouts: Please wear your Class A uniforms and be prepared to recognize rank advancements and merit badge achievements for yourself and other scouts. Mr. Cooper will need to have your completions recorded this Tuesday to be recognized at the Court of Honor – so make sure to bring your handbook and merit badge completions if not done so already.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Astronomy & BBQ in Louisburg, KS

We will be meeting at the Holy Spirit parking lot at 5PM on Friday, April 24th, and departing promptly to Powell Observatory in Louisburg at 5:15. We will return around 9AM on Sunday morning. We are camping at Louisburg Park. Some of the many highlights of this Spring Scouting Extravaganza will include:

* A challenging orienteering course on Saturday afternoon
* Feast on Championship BBQ, slow smoked on site on Saturday Night (great opportunity for new parents to get a “taste” of Scouting)
* Fishing included freshly stocked channel cat, crappie, largemouth bass and bluegill
* Revel in a virtual tour of the heavens at the Louisburg Observatory

Please ask your son if his patrol has coordinated all of their meals (Saturday breakfast and lunch and a cold breakfast on Sunday), and have a plan for transporting them.

As the weather may be chilly, please pack warm and dry.
The cost for the campout is $20 (for the observatory and BBQ meal). However, the boys will be responsible for their portion of the food costs for their patrol.

As always, we are in need of brave and robust parents to join us and share a great outdoor experience with their son.

Order of the Arrow

We are planning to attend the Order of the Arrow campout on May 1 & 2.   I need to know which boys plan on attending as we need to get everyone registered.  Only the boys elected into Order of the Arrow or already members are eligible.  I also need to know which boyoa-logos who are Ordeal members today want to go for the next level, Brotherhood.  We will also need at least a couple of adults willing to spend the night Friday and all day Saturday at our campsite.

I have had several adults express interest in going through the Ordeal as well.  Please confirm with me as well so I can get all the paperwork filled out. See requirements below:

□   Must be a registered member of the Boy Scouts of America.

□   Must have experienced 15 days and nights of Boy Scout camping during the two-year period prior to the election.  The 15 days and nights must include one, but no more than one long-term camp consisting of six consecutive days and five nights of resident camping, approved and under the auspices and standards of the BSA.

□   Troop Committee will choose and approve the adult.

First Year Campout

This Friday, 4/10, is the First Year campout at Izzy’s.  I need all troop guides or Scout Helpers to arrive at 5:30pm.  First year scouts and parents are welcome to arrive at 6:00.

We will be cooking dinner, so please let me know who will be attending.

First year boys need to bring a sleeping bag, rain gear (hopefully won’t need it), warm clothes (forecast is for 42 deg that night), a flash light, scout book, and a change of clothes.

We will be working on teaching the boys the Troop 265 way of camping and maybe spend a little bit of time on rank advancement.

Again, parents are encouraged to attend for as much time as possible, but are not required.

Parents who don’t stay, please join us for a campfire breakfast at 8:30 Saturday morning.  The campout will end around 9:00 am.

NAISH Mini-Camp

NAISH Mini-Camp
Guns, Climbing, and More Guns!!!
Spring Kick Off Camp Out
Friday March 27-Sunday March 29

An action packed weekend in beautiful Bonner Springs.  In addition to our usual camping program, we’ve enrolled your son in 8 hours of either Climbing/Rapelling, Advanced Rifle Shooting Sports, Advanced Shotgun Shooting Sports, or Basic Shotgun Shooting.  If you are not a regular camper with us, this is a great opportunity for you to spend a fun weekend with us and your son.


Friday   5P: Depart Izzys with a pre-fed boy

5:30 Arrive Camp Naish and set up camp.  Horseplay and exploration at your own risk

10P Lights out.  Yeah, right.

Saturday 6A Rise & shine.  Patrols make their hot breakfast

7A Scouts check in for their activity

12P Naish prepares lunch

430P  Boys released from their activity, parents take blood pressure meds

5P Patrols prepare their dinner and regale their homies with tales of bravado and excellence

7P Campfire

Sunday 8A Cold breakfast, break camp and head home to do homework.  Bahahahahaha

Philmonteers remain for 15 mile fully loaded shakedown hike.  AWESOME!!!!


We will not be eating a full dinner on Friday, so please fill your boy with lots of food.  Please have him bring a late evening snack (popcorn, s’mores….)

Patrol leaders will need meals planned and procured

Class A uniforms are required for all travel

If your son does not have a health form from camp last year, he will need to have one available (which can be downloaded from the HOAC website)

Cost: $30 (Camp Naish activity fee), plus whatever your patrol charges for the other meals

Fun scale:
Shopping for your Easter suit with Grandma:                                                                    3.4
Telling your parents you love them at soccer practice:                                                        .009
Getting 3 feet of sweet skateboard air – with witnesses:                                                     6.7
Hanging 40 feet in the air and hanging from a rope at the climbing tower :                         9.9978
Blasting 50 rounds of smoke and fire, with your peeps and DESTROYING your target :     9.9978

Test your GPS device skills


There’s more to using a GPS device than setting waypoints and following routes on an electronic map. There are settings to adjust, coordinate systems to learn and procedures to prevent errors. You must be on target 100 percent of the time when navigating. One error is enough to get you lost! Take this quiz and see how much you know about GPS navigation.

Scout Gear Donation Request

A Scout is Helpful!

Last year we had a pretty successful Scout Gear drive.hiking_gear

Basically, what we are asking, if you have an old uniform that doesn’t fit, old sleeping bag you don’t use, boots your son has outgrown, or any other useful scout item filling up your basement or closets, bring it to the next Scout Meeting on 3/24.   That will be the first meeting for our new Scouts crossing over from Webelos and we will offer those items to them to help defer some of the initial costs of getting into Boy Scouts.

PLC Meeting

As a reminder, tonight will be a little different than our normal PLC meeting.  Tonight is the cross over ceremony for Pack 3265 at Holy Spirit.  I would like the PLC and the Troop Guides and Pack 3265 Den Chiefs to attend the Cross Over at 6:30 pm in St. Elizabeth Hall (where we do our normal meeting) to assist in the ceremony.  We all need to be in Class A Uniform.   After the cross over, we will have our PLC meeting in St. Elizabeth Hall.  I am not exactly sure of the timing, but I am hoping we will be done by 8:00 pm.   If you can not make it early for the cross over, please let me know and try to arrive at our normal 7:30 time for the PLC meeting.

Everybody else has the night off to work on advancement, merit badges or Eagle Scout projects on your own.

Mr. Vohs

Can Drive Next Weekend

The next can drive is right around the corner – next weekend, Saturday Feb 21 and Sunday Feb 22.
The location is the northwest corner of the Holy Spirit Church parking lot by the recycling bins.
We look forward to seeing some scouts and adults coming to crush and bag cans Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.
And bring in those cans in your garage, too, so you can raise money and save the earth!
Sign up at the meeting Tuesday to volunteer and tell you friend to come stop cans.

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