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How to whip a rope

There are many approaches to whipping a rope, but the one that’s used for the hundreds of lashing ropes in the pioneering area at national jamborees, as well as the 2019 World Scout Jamboree, is known as the West Country Whipping. What’s so special about this whipping? The answer is simple. It’s easy to teach and easy to tie, and most importantly, it’s easy to make tight. Hence, Scouts learn it more quickly and like it much better.

  1. Start by tying a half-knot, the way you would start a square knot, near the rope’s end.
  2. Continue by carrying the two ends of the whipping cord around the back of the rope, away from you, and tie another half-knot identical to the first.
  3. Keep repeating the half-knots, front and back, pulling each one tight.
  4. Form each half-knot the same way, either right over left, or left over right, so they interlock neatly together, and snug against the previous half-knot.
  5. Continue the process until the whipping is as wide as the rope’s diameter.
  6. Finish off with a tight square knot.
  7. Finally, the excess cord is trimmed.

Fall Court of Honor, October 2018

We had a great fall Court of Honor camp out this weekend at Lake JaCoMo. We had members of 4 patrols camping over the weekend and a great big bunch of parents and siblings joined us on Saturday night for awards and some delicious dutch-oven cobbler.

We had 6 Webelos/Arrow of Light Scouts join us for tent-raising and firebuilding competitions, and 4 of them stayed to take place in the annual Troop 265 Golden Ladle Competition. Think “Iron Chef” or “Chopped” but with MUCH higher stakes. Each patrol was given identical ingredients (with a secret ingredient) and 1 hour to make a meal to impress our panel of brave guest judges.

The winning plate was from our Patrol of Mic-O-Say Tribesmen with their pan-fried Mexican biscuit tortas.

They must have been very good because when the Scoutmaster asked for a sample he was told, “Sorry, they’re all gone.

Thanks to all the families who came out and shared their weekend with us. It means a lot to the Scouts to have so many folks out to see them get recognized.

Andy Crow
Scoutmaster, Troop 265
Whirling RedLegged BlueJay

What was the least-earned merit badge in BSA history

One look at the requirements, and you’ll see why Invention was the least-earned merit badge in the history of the BSA.

To earn it, Scouts had to “invent and patent some useful article” and “show a working drawing or model of the same.”

Obtaining a patent is a time-consuming, costly endeavor. That explains why just 10 Scouts earned the Invention merit badge in its mere three years of existence. The badge debuted in 1911 and was discontinued on Oct. 1, 1914.

Fortunately for Scouts who are passionate about creating new things, the BSA released the Inventing merit badge in 2010. In this new version, which features a slightly different name, no patent is required.

Read more here.

How Tall Should a Walking Stick Be?

A good rule on sizing: Standing with your arms at your side, the stick should be about 8 inches taller than your elbow. Pick a longer stick if you’ll be tackling steep terrain. If you’re just planning on walking with your stick, pick a shorter one that comes to your waist.

When it comes to actually making it, there are lots of cool options. Head to for some inspiration.


Troop 265,

As you probably know by now we are excluded from St. Elizabeth’s Hall for the next few weeks while they work on mold abatement. In the meantime we are meeting at Izzy’s farmhouse.

Due to the sunset happening tomorrow at 7:55pm we will be moving up the start of the meeting from 7:30pm to 7:00pm.

To repeat, tomorrow we will be meeting from 7-8pm outdoors at Izzy’s farmhouse.

Please remember to bring your scoutbook, notebook, and something to write with to every meeting. Also, it would be a good idea to bring yourself something to sit on if you don’t wish to sit on one of the campfire stumps.

Here is a list of upcoming activities/events in the near future:

Troop Meeting – Tuesday August 28, 2018

Location – Izzy’s Farm House

Time – 7:00-8:00pm

Troop Meeting – Tuesday September 4, 2018 –  This is the day after Labor Day, TBD, but if the Scouts want to meet we will. 

Location – Izzy’s Farm House

Time – 7:30-8:30pm

Holy Spirit Fun Fair Clean-Up – Friday September 7, 2018

Location – HS Parking Lot

Time – TBD

This is a good opportunity for scouts to earn service hours and give back to the church who is gracious enough to allow us to use their facilities.

Troop Campout – September 21st – 23rd

Location – Ft Riley, Apple Fest

Council activities – Sporting KC

This a BSA event on Sept 30th.  It is a lot of fun if anyone is interested we could go as a troop.  If you are interested please let me know.  For more information please see the attached link.

Merit Badges – HOAC Sponsored

Below are the merit badges that are being offered through the council if your scout is interested.  These are not being done thru the troop, but are offered thru the HOAC.  If your scout is interested in taking these please refer to the attached and sign up.  If you have any questions please let me know. 

Fishing, Fish and Wildlife and Rifle Shooting Merit Badges

Citizenship in the Nation

ReadyScout – Presented by FEMA, which are MB’s all focused on safety.  MB’s offered are Safety, Emergency Prepardness, Fire Safety, Weather, Public Health, Search and Rescue, Crime Prevention. Please see the attached for sign up information and requirements.

Yours in Scouting,
Andy Crow
Scoutmaster, Troop 265

Community Service Backpack Supplies

We had a number of donations tonight – special thanks to the Schmidts, Donohues and Koch families…please let me know if can help with any of the ‘Remaining’ supplies over the next couple weeks.

Tonight, I also asked if any of the Scouts can commit to service hours on Saturday April 28th. The district needs help in sorting donations and stuffing backpacks. Let me know if your scout can work that morning…location is the Broadmoor Technical Center.  Please contact Lynne Milum for more information.

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