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NAISH Mini-Camp

NAISH Mini-Camp
Guns, Climbing, and More Guns!!!
Spring Kick Off Camp Out
Friday March 27-Sunday March 29

An action packed weekend in beautiful Bonner Springs.  In addition to our usual camping program, we’ve enrolled your son in 8 hours of either Climbing/Rapelling, Advanced Rifle Shooting Sports, Advanced Shotgun Shooting Sports, or Basic Shotgun Shooting.  If you are not a regular camper with us, this is a great opportunity for you to spend a fun weekend with us and your son.


Friday   5P: Depart Izzys with a pre-fed boy

5:30 Arrive Camp Naish and set up camp.  Horseplay and exploration at your own risk

10P Lights out.  Yeah, right.

Saturday 6A Rise & shine.  Patrols make their hot breakfast

7A Scouts check in for their activity

12P Naish prepares lunch

430P  Boys released from their activity, parents take blood pressure meds

5P Patrols prepare their dinner and regale their homies with tales of bravado and excellence

7P Campfire

Sunday 8A Cold breakfast, break camp and head home to do homework.  Bahahahahaha

Philmonteers remain for 15 mile fully loaded shakedown hike.  AWESOME!!!!


We will not be eating a full dinner on Friday, so please fill your boy with lots of food.  Please have him bring a late evening snack (popcorn, s’mores….)

Patrol leaders will need meals planned and procured

Class A uniforms are required for all travel

If your son does not have a health form from camp last year, he will need to have one available (which can be downloaded from the HOAC website)

Cost: $30 (Camp Naish activity fee), plus whatever your patrol charges for the other meals

Fun scale:
Shopping for your Easter suit with Grandma:                                                                    3.4
Telling your parents you love them at soccer practice:                                                        .009
Getting 3 feet of sweet skateboard air – with witnesses:                                                     6.7
Hanging 40 feet in the air and hanging from a rope at the climbing tower :                         9.9978
Blasting 50 rounds of smoke and fire, with your peeps and DESTROYING your target :     9.9978

Test your GPS device skills


There’s more to using a GPS device than setting waypoints and following routes on an electronic map. There are settings to adjust, coordinate systems to learn and procedures to prevent errors. You must be on target 100 percent of the time when navigating. One error is enough to get you lost! Take this quiz and see how much you know about GPS navigation.

Scout Gear Donation Request

A Scout is Helpful!

Last year we had a pretty successful Scout Gear drive.hiking_gear

Basically, what we are asking, if you have an old uniform that doesn’t fit, old sleeping bag you don’t use, boots your son has outgrown, or any other useful scout item filling up your basement or closets, bring it to the next Scout Meeting on 3/24.   That will be the first meeting for our new Scouts crossing over from Webelos and we will offer those items to them to help defer some of the initial costs of getting into Boy Scouts.

PLC Meeting

As a reminder, tonight will be a little different than our normal PLC meeting.  Tonight is the cross over ceremony for Pack 3265 at Holy Spirit.  I would like the PLC and the Troop Guides and Pack 3265 Den Chiefs to attend the Cross Over at 6:30 pm in St. Elizabeth Hall (where we do our normal meeting) to assist in the ceremony.  We all need to be in Class A Uniform.   After the cross over, we will have our PLC meeting in St. Elizabeth Hall.  I am not exactly sure of the timing, but I am hoping we will be done by 8:00 pm.   If you can not make it early for the cross over, please let me know and try to arrive at our normal 7:30 time for the PLC meeting.

Everybody else has the night off to work on advancement, merit badges or Eagle Scout projects on your own.

Mr. Vohs

Can Drive Next Weekend

The next can drive is right around the corner – next weekend, Saturday Feb 21 and Sunday Feb 22.
The location is the northwest corner of the Holy Spirit Church parking lot by the recycling bins.
We look forward to seeing some scouts and adults coming to crush and bag cans Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.
And bring in those cans in your garage, too, so you can raise money and save the earth!
Sign up at the meeting Tuesday to volunteer and tell you friend to come stop cans.

Second Bartle Payment

The 2nd of 3 payments for summer camp are due by February 28th. The remaining schedule of payments is as follows:

  • The second payment of $100 for the boys is due by February 28th.
  • The balance of $130 for the boys is due by March 31st.
  • All adult fees are due by March 31st.

Outstanding fees include merit badge forum fees, troop dues, and the first summer camp payment can be paid at the February 17th or 24th meetings. The troop has paid a deposit on all scouts planning on attending summer camp at Bartle this year and the troop will be making the final payment on April 1st. It is very important that all camp fees (scout and leader) are paid in full before that time. If you need assistance or need to make other arrangements, please contact Mr. Vohs. Adult fees are not due until March 31st, at which time I will need to know which adults are planning on attending, how many days (part-time leaders) and which days you will be attending (part-time leaders).

Blood Drive Feb 9



Please consider being a blood donor.

Holy Spirit Catholic Church

Monday February 9, 2015

2:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

11300 West 103rd Street

Martha & Mary Room

You may schedule an appointment at, click on the “schedule an appointment” button on the right side of the page and enter sponsor code HOLYSPIRIT.

Turnout was low for November’s drive. Hopefully some donors from scout families will help us collect more to ensure that our community has the life saving blood they need.

Merit Badge Forum

This is a reminder that Class #2 for the Merit Badge Forum is scheduled for this coming Saturday, February 7 from 1 to 4 pm at California Trail Middle School. The address for the school is 13775 West 133rd Street, Olathe, KS 66062.

Even if you missed your first week of classes, you can still attend weeks #2 & #3. I recommend getting to the school around 12:45 pm on Saturday so you can settle into your classroom by 1 pm.

Please let Mr. Goyer know if you have any questions regarding week #2 of Merit Badge Forum.

76th Annual Troop 265 Snow Creek Night Ski


 We will be meeting at the Holy Spirit parking lot at 5PM on Saturday February 28th, and skiing into the wee hours, until Midnight.

The Skinny:  This is one of the boys (and parents) favorite events of the year.  Upon arrival, your son(s) will whisk down the mountain on a variety of hills with different skill levels, and test his bravery at an accelerated rate.  Throughout the night, he will no doubt, take a breather for hot chocolate and snacks, to regale his companions with tales of adventure and bravado.

Pricing: Please bring cash or check to the event.

$43 for ski lift pass and ski rental UNDER 13

$47 for ski lift and pass and ski rental 13 and OVER

$24 for just ski lift pass (and you bring your own ski’s)

Please bring your own helmet, or you will be charged $10


Ski pants, extra gloves, helmet, first aid kit…

Event Coolness Scale:

Dressing up and going to your sisters piano recital (with lame snacks) =4

Having to say “I love you” to your Mom in front of your posse at your soccer game = 1

Having a juice drinking contest and almost making it to the restroom before class = -3.7

Careening down the mountain with 4 feet of sweet air under you, over a frozen crevasse –

AND doing it IN THE DARK!!!! =9.6

Food: Please pack lots of snacks, and/or lots of money for the snack bar!


Free admission to be paid later for BEST Dad Wipeout!  Mr. Bartoski is the 2015 top seed.  I will be attending, but not skiing, as I am preparing for the Sam Adams Marathon, Boulevard Brewery Tank 7 Tasting Olympics and Crossfit Nationals

Please email me if your son will be attending, as well as any adults who care to join us, and help shuttle parents to the Platte City Hospital.

Summer camp fees

Summer camp fees for Bartle 2015 are $330 for scouts, $310 for full time leaders and $50 per day for part-time leaders.
• The fist payment of $100 for the boys is due by January 31st.
• The second payment of $100 for the boys is due by February 28th.
• The balance of $130 for the boys is due by March 31st.
• All adult fees are due by March 31st.

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