If you are at all interested in being a Den Chief this year and have not had training, I highly recommend the training below. You can not be a den chief unless you are trained. Den Chief is a leadership position. Please let me know if you plan on attending as they will be looking for my approval for you to attend. Mr. Vohs

How well can you use a paddle and navigate a river in a canoe? Take this quiz and test your canoeing skills.

We challenge each family to bring at least one bag of aluminum cans to the upcoming scout can drive September 6th – 7th. Volunteer sign ups at the meeting on Tuesday.

Pack 3269 Cub Scout Roundup

Pack 3269 (Oak Park-Carpenter) has invited us to attend their first pack meeting for the year tomorrow night, Tuesday, August 26th. They are having a fishing derby at Shelter #3 at Shawnee Mission Park starting at 6:30 pm. We will attend the meeting, help out and make cobbler for everyone. If you are interested in attending (this does conflict with tomorrow night’s troop meeting), please let Mr. Goyer know. There is space for 2 more people.  This is a “class A” event, please wear your full uniform (neckerchief included) if you plan to attend.

First Troop Meeting!!

I am looking forward to next Tuesday for our first Fall scout meeting and I hope you and your scouts are as well.  The focus will be on completing advancement requirements, unfinished merit badges and Scoutmaster conferences/Boards of Review.

Please have your scout bring their handbook!  This is especially important since several boys have not reported their latest advancements to Mr. Cooper (requires showing him the signed-off handbook). And this is an opportunity to finish anything left undone at camp!  We only have about a month before the Fall Court of Honor so it is important to finish what’s already started.

Scout ParentsWe need your help in supporting our scouts.  If you can help, our troop is looking to replenish merit badge counselors who “retire” each year.  The next training session is at the Red Tailed Hawk Roundtable on Thursday Sept 4th at Olathe Community of Christ Church (15520 S Ridgeview Rd, Olathe, KS 66062).  We recommend you sign up for 6 badges that you are comfortable teaching  including 3 Eagle required badges that we always need help with.  Please ask me on Tuesday if you are interested!

I am also looking for someone who can pick up the Membership position as I need to retire from this role.  Send me note or give me a call if you are interested in this fun and relatively low commitment position!

The Young Ranch – Survival, Fishing, and General Mayhem


Thank you Alex Young’s family for donating the use of his grandfather’s ranch for our September event.  We will be meeting at the Holy Spirit parking lot at 5PM on Friday, September 12th, and departing promptly to The Young Ranch at 5:15.  We will return around 10AM on Sunday morning.  The ranch is about an hour away, near LaCygne, KS.  Some of the highlights will include:

  • Minimalist camping: Each patrol will cook and prepare their own meals via mess kit, and will sharpen their scouting skills using only the most basic equipment
  • An overstocked lake chock full of catch and release heaven

Please ask your son if his patrol has coordinated all of their  meals (Saturday breakfast and lunch and a cold breakfast on Sunday), and have a plan for transporting them.

Bring your bug spray!.  Don’t forget your mess kits!!

The cost for the campout is $0 .  However, the boys will be responsible for their portion of the food costs for their patrol.

As always, we are in need of brave and robust parents to join us and share a great outdoor experience with their son.

Please email Mr. Satterfield if you and/or your son will be attending.  The more the merrier.

 Coolness scale:

Getting underwear for Christmas                                                                                                 3.1

Getting High Score on Tomb Raider                                                                                            2.74

Being forced to dance in the school play                                                                                  1.65

Sleeping under the stars and telling tall tales next to a roaring campfire                  9.87

Calendar Updated

The online Troop 265 calendar has been updated thru December and  will be updated with more details as they become available.  For those of you that would like you may add the Troop 265 calendar to your mobile device, Outlook, and Google calendars by going to http://www.troop265.net/calendar and clicking on the subscribe button in the lower right corner of the page.

Scout can drive challenge!

candriveThe challenge: each family bring at least one bag of aluminum cans to the upcoming scout can drive September 6th – 7th.
The cans we collect raise money for the Troop and help save the planet by:

  • Protecting the Wildlife (got to save those baby seals)
  • Prevent Pollution (off set all the gas released at summer camp)
  • Decrease Global Warming (see above)

Volunteer sign ups at the meeting on Tuesday.

Thank you for helping the Scouts.

Den Chief Training

dcf_jpgIf you are at all interested in being a Den Chief this year and have not had training, I highly recommend the training below. You can not be a den chief unless you are trained.  Den Chief is a leadership position.  Please let me know if you plan on attending as they will be looking for my approval for you to attend.                ~Mr. Vohs



SUNDAY, AUGUST 24, 2014 4 TO 6:30PM


Includes Picnic meal and refreshments—-NO CHARGE





1) Bring a note from Scoutmaster that you can accept this leadership responsibility

2) Do the On Line Den Chief Training prior to class.


3) Scout uniform

SEND THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION TO : Hal Schmidt, Email hals2270@aol.com Cell 913.558.9729

NAME______________________________RANK__________________TROOP # ____________


PARENTS’ NAME_________________________________________________________________


Available Upcoming Activities

There are several opportunities available to boys that can be completed as a family or as a group. Please let Mr. Vohs and I know if you have interest in any of the following:

1)      Order of the Arrow 75th Anniversary Weekend

  1. Available only to members of the Order of the Arrow
  2. September 19 – 21 at Camp Naish
  3. Cost: $35 prior to September 5th
  4. Details:

i.      The 75th Anniversary of Tamegonit Lodge should be something for all Arrowmen to be able to look back on as an event to remember! Like Fall Fellowship, this is the one weekend each year where Arrowmen come together to enjoy the brotherhood of the OA and celebrate the accomplishments of the lodge. But unlike, Fall Fellowship, this 75th Anniversary Celebration Weekend will give us a chance to look at the things Tamegonit Lodge has done, is doing and will do to Lead a Legacy in the Order of the Arrow!

ii.      Here are just some of the things that have been confirmed for the Celebration:

  1. OA National Chief, Nick Dannemiller, and OA Central Region Chief, Ricky Angeletti, will join us for the weekend!
  2.  Lodge Officer Elections will be held to elect the youth leadership for 2015, the 100th
  3. Anniversary of the Order of the Arrow program!
  4. A dedication ceremony will be held for the renovated Whippoorwill Ceremony Ring; all Arrowmen and supporters will be invited to attend!
  5.  The Vigil Call will be made during the weekend!
  6.  Additional Celebration Highlights will be published as they are confirmed.

2)      Order of the Arrow Summer Camp Rocker Patch

  1. One of the four OA Patch Rockers this year is a “Summer Camp” rocker.  In order to receive this rocker, an Arrowman must meet the following requirements:

i.      Have paid their dues in 2014 as a member of Tamegonit Lodge.

ii.      Attended any long-term summer camp (Naish, Bartle, Geiger, Arrowhead, etc.).

  1. If you have Arrowmen who have met those two requirements, we need to hear from you!  We are asking that ONLY ONE PERSON from each unit that has Arrowmen entitled to receive these rockers send an email to Cortland Bolles, Lodge Staff Adviser, at cortland.bolles@scouting.org by August 14 at 5:00 p.m. informing the lodge of how many of these OA Patch Rockers your unit needs.  During Fall Induction #1, a work crew will sort these patches by unit.  They will then be distributed through the September Roundtables, so make sure a leader from your unit attends the September Roundtable to pick up your 2014 Summer Camp OA Patch Rockers!  For more, go to http://www.hoac-bsa.org/order-of-the-arrow
  2. If you or your son meets this qualification, let me know so I can send Cortland a request for patches for our unit

3)      Scout Night at Sporting KC

  1. This is a family opportunity, we are not planning on attending as a troop
  2. Date: August 23rd
  3. Cost: $20 per ticket
  4. Information and tickets are available at http://www.hoac-bsa.org/sporting-kc

4)      Scout Strong Challenge at Sporting KC: 5K and Half Marathon

  1. This is a family opportunity, we are not planning on attending as a troop
  2. Date: September 13
  3. Cost: Free
  4. Information and registration available at http://scoutstrongchallenge.org/

5)      Scout Day at Kansas Speedway (Nationwide Series, NOT Sprint Cup)

  1. This is a family opportunity, we are not planning on attending as a troop
  2. Date: October 4
  3. Cost: $20 per ticket, includes “Fan Vision” to monitor the race
  4. Information and registration available at https://www.kintera.org/AutoGen/Register/ECReg.asp?ievent=1117843&en=buKLI0NHLaKUJaMKL9LRK6PULlLPI3PQIpLZK8NVKlJOIaOXKoK1JbMVKrK1JhM6F

Summer Camp – Day 4

Day 3 notes by Scout J. Cahill:

Today started like any other day, wake up, get dressed, go to flag ceremony. Breakfast was pancakes and sausage. After breakfast, everyone went to their merit badges. Tonight they will be inspecting our camp. Also, tonight is hot dog dinner. Everyone is excited for that. Also tonight is Call Night. For those of you who don’t know what Call Night is, it is when people are chosen to be Brave in Mic-O-Say. I guess tonight we’ll go to bed and just wait for what tomorrow holds.

Camp stats for the day:
1) 10 boys were called last night to be Foxmen in Mic-O-Say
2) 2 boys were called for Brave
3) 7 boys for Warrior
4) The boys have spent $1.5 M on slushies
a. $500 K on ice cream floats
b. $250 K on assorted candies
c. $10 on craft supplies for camp
d. Lesson here, boys are running low on cash, be on the lookout for some begging on Sunday
a. Chess has become a big hit in camp, most of the boys are playing or watching others play
b. The other is prior to last night’s campfire, notice all the activity going on
6) Final note, we are back to Day 0 on the Health Lodge notice.  A young man went yesterday for minor dehydration. A Gatorade and a nap took care of the issue.

Summer Camp – Day 3

First, important details for parents coming down as part time leaders.

1)      When you arrive on reservation, stop at the Reservation Headquarters. These buildings are on your right just past the large stone signs that say “Welcome to H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation, Home of Mic-O-Say”
2)      Go to the health lodge and pick up your health form
3)      After you have your health form, they will send you next door to check into camp
4)      At check in, they will provide you direction for what to do next

Day 3 notes by Scout M. Bartowski:

Today was awesome. This morning started with flag then breakfast. Then everyone went off to meet merit badges. Next was the best part. Mountain Man! You may be wondering what this is. Mountain Man is a free activity where you got to do cool things like racing to set up a teepee and shooting black powder rifles. After that there was some more merit badges. Then dinner (pizza) and now we are about to sign off first and second years on rank advancement as one of the better ends to an even better day.


Morning Day 4 notes by Scout M. Bartowski:


“Mayan Pyramid” – 5th Year Scouts Prank War

Right at this moment the 5th years just removed all of the camp boxes from the tents to the pavilion at that end of the night of Day 3.












Working on advancement.

“Deep Thoughts” by Mr. Goyer
1)      Boys worked on advancement last night. Several boys are a requirement away from Tenderfoot and or First Class. We’ll get this wrapped up over the next couple of days.
2)      Pranking came out in a big way last night. To follow-up on Michael’s note,  Troop 265’s “Mayan Pyramid” of camp boxes above.

  1. Good news on this prank, nothing was damaged, boxes were only moved and stacked
  2. Bad news for the Called Warriors (5th year boys), they had an early wake up prior to 7 am to move all camp boxes back to the proper tent

3)      Health Lodge Report: Day 4, no trips to the health lodge

Keep the letters and the packages from home coming, the boys love them.