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Spring Court of Honor

Our Spring Court of Honor will be Tuesday, May 10th at Izzy’s House. Start time will be 7:30 pm. Court of Honor is an opportunity to recognize all the hard work our boys have been completing as they work on ranks and merit badges. Awards will be handed out at the meeting. This is a great opportunity for the full family to attend a scout meeting where we recognize our boys for their hard work. Dutch oven cobbler will be served at the end of the Court of Honor.

Health Forms

As many of you are aware, every person in our troop that plans on camping at Bartle Scout Camp this year (boys and adults, even if it is for only 1 night) will need to have an up to date and current health form. Per Boy Scout regulations, a current health form is one that has been completed within 12 months of our camping dates. Since we are heading down to camp July 7 – July 16, all health forms must be no older than July 17, 2015.

  • All boys and adults will need to have ALL sections of the health form completed and up to date in order to go to camp (Parts A – C of the form)
    1. This means that all boys and adults will need to have a physical completed by their physician that is signed and dated no later than July 17, 2015
    2. Also, please note the following Boy Scout regulations related to the health form
      1. Only an MD, DO or RN may sign the health form as the “Examiner” in Part C
      2. The Boy Scouts only accept their health form. Health forms completed for sports, school, etc. are not accepted by the BSA
  • In addition to the health form, please plan to provide me a copy of your health insurance card (please copy front and back)
    1. Scouting asks for health insurance information to be available so that if there is an emergency, all necessary documents are available both at our campsite and with the Health Lodge at camp

Watkins Mill camp out April 15-17

Where: Watkins Mill State Park

 (816) 580-3387 (it east of Kearney, MO).

When: April 15-17.  We will meet at Izzies at 5pm and depart promptly at 5:30.  We will arrive back at Izzies Sunday morning between 9:30-10 am.

What: Camping (duh) and bike riding (so bring your bike and a helmet).  Adults that means you too!  

Just be aware, we will be putting the bikes on a trailer. If you have a super nice bike that you don’t want tangled in the “pile of bikes”, either make sure you are driving and put a bike rack on your car, wrap it in a moving blanket, or buy several yards of bubble wrap. Troop 265 is not responsible for scratches to your paint job, missing pom-poms from handle bars, or the little bell that you enjoy using to terrorize the neighbors. 

There is also a lake at Watkins Mill, so bring your fishing pole if that’s your thing. Tours are also available of the Mill and Historic site, If you are interested, let me know and I’ll schedule it.

Cost:  $6 per person to camp + $5 gas money for your driver + road money + food payable to your patrol as usual

Drivers and Volunteers:  We would LOVE to have a great turnout for this camp out. It’s a quick drive from Izzies, it’s a great and well-maintained park and should be good weather. If you normally don’t go to campouts, this is a great one to attend.  We need a fair number of volunteers for driving and helping with biking and fishing.

Directions: WARNING typing the park address into your GPS will put you in a residential neighborhood in Lawson MO, follow these directions.  Take I-35 North to Kearney MO exit. Take Highway 92 east 6 miles to County road RA, left on RA 1 mile, at the curve in the road by the general store look for sign that says Special Use area/Equestrian trail, (if you come to the main park entrance you have gone too far) follow that sign for about 1 mile you will then see a second sign for Special use area/Equestrian trail, follow that sign (turn left) into the area.

Map of bike trail

Map of park  (please note the north is on the right hand side, not top of page as normal)

Details about our campsite 

Eagle Scout Class of 2015

If you were to put the 2015 Eagle Scout class inside Yankee Stadium, you’d still have more than 4,000 Eagle Scouts without seats.

That gives you some idea how large the 2015 Eagle Scout class is — 54,366 members strong, representing an increase of 4.9 percent over 2014.

This was the fourth-biggest Eagle Scout class in history, trailing only 2012, 2010 and 2013.

Click here to read more.

Protect your gear to make it last for years

Have you priced camping gear lately? You’ll pay $50 for entry-level hiking boots, $100 for a summer sleeping bag and $200 for a starter tent. (Triple these figures if you want the very best!) When you spend this much money, you want your gear to last. And it will — if you properly protect your gear.

After each outing, teach yourself (and your Scouts) to get into the habit of caring for equipment before putting it back in the closet or garage. Use the following techniques to get the most out of your gear.

Read more here!

Can Drive

IMAG2746For Second Class rank you need one hour for your service project to advance to this rank.

To become a Star Scout you need at least 6 Hours of Service project to advance to this rank.

To become a Life Scout you need to take part in service projects totaling at least 6 hours.

This is a great way to get service hours. And to help out your troop.

Plus its a lot of fun smashing things.

Cooking Merit Badge

If you are signed up for cooking merit badge. The following is due Tuesday November 24th 2015.dutch_oven

Requirements:      1. A-E

Requirements:      2. A-D

Some helpful tips:

  1. Print off this work sheet. And write in the answers to hand in like homework. I know that there is a lot of writing to do for this merit badge. But it is one of the tougher merit badges. NOTE: there are 32 pages for these worksheets. OR go to Number 2.
  2. If it helps. You can type the answers on a separate sheet of paper. And you can hand this in. Just don’t forget to add the numbers to the sheet that corresponds for your answers. If the sheet is not completed in this manner. It will be returned to you.

If you want to do more requirements. That would be awesome!!! Just make sure you hand in the work for it to be documented.

Remember –  Set a goal. Achieve it. and then move on to the next one.

How to fly a flag at half-staff

Part of doing your duty to country is knowing how to respect and honor the American flag.  And sometimes honoring the American flag means flying it at half-staff.  Check out how to fly the flag at half-staff.

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