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1911Browse or search issues from the last 100 years of Boys’ Life magazine here.  You will be able to check out complete issues including old articles, photos and more.

Den Chief Training

dcf_jpgAt last Tuesday’s meeting, several boys expressed an interest in serving as a Den Chief this upcoming year. Serving as a Den Chief counts as a leadership position toward the Star, Life and Eagle ranks. Boys that are in Mic-O-Say also have the opportunity to earn the Den Chief Coup, the newest coup that has been introduced by the tribe in several years. In order to serve as a Den Chief, boys must complete training.

As of this morning, the District Training Chair sent information regarding Den Chief Training that is scheduled to take place next Sunday, August 30. Below are topline details:

  1. Training is scheduled from 4:30 – 6:30 pm, Sunday, August 30th
  2. Training will take place at PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH OF STANLEY
    1. 14895 Antioch Road, Overland Park, KS
  3. There is NO cost to attend the training
    1. Picnic and refreshments will be provided

There is one “kicker” to note, registration for this training is due next Thursday, August 27th. A flyer is located here that has additional details and also serves as the registration form. In order to register for this training, send the completed form to

As a final detail, in order to complete the training on the 30th, the boys need to spend about 45 minutes completing the online training available at To show that the online training has been completed, please have your son print off the training card after finishing the course.

What was John Wayne’s take on the Scout Law?

A Scout is….

Trustworthy – The badge of honesty. Having it lets you look any man straight in the eye. Lacking it, he won’t look back. Keep this one at the top of your list.

Loyal – The very word is life itself, for without loyalty we have no love of person or country.

Helpful – Part sharing, part caring. By helping each other, we help ourselves, not to mention mankind. Be always full of help — the dying man’s last words.

Friendly – Brotherhood is part of that word. You can take it in a lot of directions — and do — but make sure and start with brotherhood.

Courteous – Allow each person his human dignity, which means a lot more than saying “yes ma’am” and “Thank you, sir.” It reflects an attitude that later in life you “wish you had honored more … earlier in life.” Save yourself that problem. Do it now.

Kind – This one word would stop wars and erase hatreds. But it’s like your bicycle. It’s just no good unless you get out and use it.

Obedient – Start at home, practice it on your family, enlarge it to your friends, share it with humanity.

Cheerful – Anyone can put on a happy face when the going’s good. The secret is to wear it as a mask for your problems. It might surprise you how many others do the same thing.

Thrifty – Means a lot more than putting pennies away, and it’s the opposite of cheap. Common sense covers it just about as well as anything.

Brave – You don’t have to fight to be brave. Millions of good, fine, decent folks show more bravery than heavyweight champs just by getting out of bed every morning, going out to do a good day’s work, and living the best life they know how against a lot of odds. Brave. Keep the word handy every day of your life.

Clean – Soap and water help a lot on the outside. But it’s the inside that counts and don’t ever forget it.

Reverent – Believe in anything that you want to believe in, but keep God at the top of it. With Him, life can be a beautiful experience. Without Him, you are just biding time.


Read the full story here.

Troop Meeting August 18

10993492_10155225704450113_1879620815573600409_nWe know you couldn’t wait any longer…our first Troop meeting of the year will be in St. Elizabeth’s Hall on August 18 at 7:30 pm.

Digital Ally Open volunteers needed

Restating a side note.  The PGA tour stop at Lionsgate August 6-9 is still in need of volunteers of all ages and skill sets with no golf knowledge necessary.  For those needing service hours, this is a great way to get some.  There is a charge of $40pp but that includes a hat or visor, shirt, food, drinks, volunteer party on Friday evening after play, some passes to give to family and friends and if you work 2 shifts, you can play Lionsgate on Monday August 10 as part of the volunteer play day.  This is an event that if you go once, you will return next year.  Several players on the main tour this year played this tournament last year.

To sign up go to

Don’t forget the free junior clinic put on by tour players followed by a golf trick shot show immediately following on Monday August 3 starting at 5pm. Great family event.


Last year went remarkably well and was really fun.  The leaders got to give a few quick speeches of what was going on at camp and what to expect from your scouts.  This information was great to receive and I can’t imagine them having to tell 40 different families that same information individually. I will tell you also, the weather was beautiful under the trees, the bugs and heat were never a problem.

Camp Dates:
Leave:  Thursday, July 16, 2015 8:30am from Holy Spirit (times approximate)
Return:  Saturday, July 25, 2015 10:30am at Holy Spirit (times approximate)

I have a few pieces of old mom wisdom to share from my past 5 or 6 years of camp, also others please chime in.  Most of you have already heard this and I know you know more, but I feel compelled to give unsolicited advice – you can tease me at the fall scout parent only party.

Unsolicited Advice #1: Don’t over pack for your boys – they won’t use half the clothes sent.  Trust me you will find out.  Bring a bag to put dirty clothes in on visitors day so you can take home some of the dirty stuff then.

Unsolicited Advice #2: Send a good quality water bottle with the boys.  Those “mules” are great as a back pack or if you send a bottle try to get one they can attach to a belt or sling over their shoulder.

Unsolicited Advice #3: Write names on everything!!!!  The leaders have to stay after the last day and make sure all is clean and taken.  So many items are left with no name, making the leaders have to track down kids.  That’s no fun, since these leaders are volunteers and have donated their vacation time to be in camp with our boys.  And consider how tired the adult leaders are by the last day.

Unsolicited Advice #4:  Write your kids cards to send to camp now and have them stamped and ready to put in the mail every day.  I messed up for a few years, and the boys don’t forget it…..  I usually include an encouraging note, picture of the family pet, 1 or 2 dollars for daily slushies and/or stickers.  The address is below…..

YOUR BABY BOYS NAME – Troop 265, Session #5
Camp Lonestar – Campsite Kickapoo
Bartle Scout Reservation
5525 N Scout Camp Road
Osceola, MO 64776-9000

Unsolicited Advice #5: What you should wear on visitors day – shoes you can walk on trails or rocks with – flip flops can be tough if you are going to the point or other locations.

Shorts and summer tops are perfect.  Again, I have never had much trouble with bugs or the heat.  Have bug spray available just in case.  I think the boys smell and the excessive use of bug spray & foot powder keeps the bugs away.

An umbrella is a good idea to keep out rain or sun.  Bring a camera!

Visitors Sunday Schedule, Sunday, July 19, 2015:

Gates Open 9am:  Campsite opens at 10am (I don’t know why)

Lunch at Campsite: 11am, this usually lasts about an hour, the leaders make a few announcements, then you are free to do anything you want.

IMPORTANT (by 12:15pm):  The leaders and some of the scouts make some very important announcements and give some wonderful information about what is happening and going on in the camp your boys are spending 10 days.  Please give the leaders and your son this time.

After lunch by 1pm:  Your scout will give you a tour of his camp & tent

* You can watch the Mic-O-Say “Dance of Joy”

* You can hike to “The Point”

* You can visit the little store on their campsite where you can buy your child a slushie or ice cream

* You can visit the store in Iconium and have a Peach Nehi Float (I know is spelled wrong)

* You can go into Osceola to the cheese factory

* You can go into Clinton and go to movies or shopping or dinner or whatever

Visitors day ends at 5pm.  Scouts back IN camp and you go home to rest & have wine……

I have gotten some requests to change things up a bit…..

–       Every family bring a picnic lunch for your family
–       Every family bring either chips and/or desserts to share at the picnic and leave the leftovers at camp for the following 6 days.

– There are tables and a few picnic tables at the campsite.
– Bring drinks for your family
– Bring lawn or bag chairs for your family
– Any left overs like chips, cookies and non-refrigerated snacks can be left for the camp to eat later that day, and it only lasts for that night usually, but if we leave enough to last for the boys for a few days that would be great.  The other stuff needs to be taken home.

Thank you to all the leaders, volunteer parents and camp parents.  Scouting is one of the most valuable and tremendous things we can do for these young men.  Our boys will grow into respectful and confident and talented young men – that is scouting!!!  It takes all of us to make it happen!

Unsolicited Advice #6:  Thank the leaders – they are volunteers who donate time, money and talent to these boys.  I brought individual bagged cookies for the leaders to share last year, they also like fresh coffee or bottled water or sweets they can keep in their camp boxes – a little spoilage doesn’t hurt once in a while.

Unsolicited Advice #7:  Foot powder, you will hear from your scout that they NEED this. Buy the cheap walmart or best choice brand – its mostly used for a weapon, not their feet.

Unsolicited Advice #8:  Bringing snacks on visitors day.  Yes, you will want to replenish the snacks remember they are there for a five more days.  And leave nothing that melts or needs refrigeration.

Unsolicited Advice #9: Once your boys get home from camp, they will have learned a lot about being independent, helpful and confident.  They are capable of doing many things for themselves and their families.  Continue to let them!  They can unload the car, hold doors open, be gentleman and help around the house.  I have found that they come home doing this stuff, but I tend to be the one that lets the good habits slip away, let’s keep raising the wonderful young gentleman we know they can be.

Unsolicited Advice #10:  Enjoy every single moment of your boys in camp.  These years will pass so quickly.  Push your sons to be Eagle Scouts and make some memories.  Yes – it is absolute work for the parents, but we are responsible for raising the future leaders of our country and the world, Scouts is one of those stepping stones.

Also, any help is encouraged for the event if you have ideas or suggestions, bring it on!

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